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About DA 67-9-1 (OER Support Form)

The DA 67-9-1 has many benefits for junior officers. It provides a practical description of the duties of an Army rating officer, with a brief description of the duties of an Army lieutenant colonel and basic and advanced technical skills specific to the Army, as well as a summary of the administrative procedures and training that accompany military ratings. The DA 67-9-1 also provides a sample of the typical duties of a senior Army rating officer as described in Army Order 8-23. The document in its entirety (PDF, 514 KB) is available from Army Regulations Command via the Army R&C web page at. The DA 67-9-1 is also available for download via the Army R&C website at.

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FAQ - DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form)

What is the purpose of DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form)?
A “support” form is a written information request for the police to fill and send to an organization, service or the attorney general. It is not legal proof that police have investigated or decided the incident should be investigated. You may seek proof from another source. Why should I fill out a report if I don't file an incident report? DA 67-9-1 provides you a written notice that police investigated the incident. When you file an incident report, in most situations police do not need a file number. If you are filing online, make sure you have a valid reason for submitting report. Is it Legal to Change Report? It is not legal to request that police change the report status on your report. If I need to update the report or report is incorrect, what are my rights? Contact the police, and they must investigate your claim before changing the report status. An email or call from police is the only legal way of getting police to update your report or report. How do I file an incident report that is incomplete? Contact the police. What do you mean by “complete”? Complete is defined as the report must provide all the following information on the report card, or it is invalid. Who is involved: Police or the victim Who is responsible: Police or the victim Where was the incident: What happened to the victim in this location, like his/her vehicle or their home What was the situation: When did the incident happen? What was the relationship: Friend, colleague, supervisor, employer How did the incident occur: Who was involved How did the incident end (e.g. in which direction did they flee)? How long did the incident last? If this is not available, please give an approximate time period, e.g., minutes or hours. Where were you standing when the incident occurred: The location you were standing from when you were assaulted or if you were near your place of employment, the location where the incident took place (this also includes the last location from which the assault began) What direction were you facing when the incident occurred: When did the event take place in front of, behind, or to your right, left, or front? If this is not available, please give an approximate direction.
Who should complete DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form)?
If the individual does not own a car, a rental or house, or has an RV. To be considered eligible, the individual: Must be in “good health and physical condition.” Has a minimum of five years of continuous professional performance on or before the date of filing. Is not otherwise ineligible. MUST possess a valid California Driver's License (and has had it valid, on the date of filing, at least five years, for a minimum of five years, from the date of filing). MUST have no outstanding warrants, liens, judgments, or encumbrances. No criminal or administrative violations that would disqualify the candidate. MUST not hold any positions of trust or influence over another person. Must not have any outstanding taxes, liens or liabilities as well as legal judgments or obligations that would disqualify the candidate. Must not be prohibited as a security interest as determined by the candidate's financial institution. Must not be disqualified if the candidate is not a citizen of the United States, or a citizen of the country of whose citizenship the candidacy is being filed.
When do I need to complete DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form)?
The DA 67-9-1 is mandatory, and is required as part of the original diagnosis. If your provider requires a DA 67-9-1, be sure to fill and fax in the form. How can we help you get your prescription filled more quickly? Call today Fill out their form at. Or You can also contact one of our dedicated support groups, which are open to everyone and open almost every day. There's something for everyone! Where can I find the latest Ontario Drug Benefit Information? There is a printable PDF version here. Go to. Where can I find the latest Ontario Prescription Drug Benefit Information? There is a printable PDF version here. Go to. Or you can go to Where can I find the latest Ontario Pharmaceutical Benefits Plan Information? There is a printable PDF version here. Go to. Or you can go to How can I find the latest list of Ontario drug plans? Go to You will be provided with a URL that you can copy to your browser or mobile phone for your quick access. Do you provide coverage for all OTC medications? Yes! We provide coverage for every OTC medication that is prescribed by your patient, including some brand names and common generic medications. All medications included in the Ontario Drug Benefit Program must contain the following ingredients. These drugs are available for generic and brand name prescription. We also cover over the counter (OTC) medications.
Can I create my own DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form)?
Yes. A support form may be made from either a PDF file or, if required for testing, from a printout of the form. Do you have free shipping on all orders? No, we do not offer FREE STORE SHIPPING for orders for online shopping. How do I order? Please go to our online shopping page and start browsing. Can I order with more than one item on my order? Yes, you can order up to 3 (or more) items each at the same time and then place your order. You can place any amount of your total order on the Order Total field at checkout. We can process your order on the order date unless you have specifically requested that we process your order on a delivery date (in which case we will try to do so). What are the shipping options available for my order? Once your order is placed it will start to be processed. When all your orders are processed the shipping fees will be deducted automatically from your checking or PayPal balances. You are solely responsible for your shipping fee and can adjust your shipping cost preferences in the shopping cart. The shipping method must be selected at checkout. We are not able to change shipping methods after your order has been placed. We do not offer discounted shipping for expedited delivery. A shipping confirmation will be left for each order prior to receipt in our facility. Do you deliver? Yes our delivery centers are located in the United States, but the shipping fees that we charge are based on both actual shipping charges and the applicable fees for any import duty or VAT that will be charged for your item(s). Most shipments are shipped FedEx Ground, but we will ship priority mail International Package Services International Delivery Service via USPS for orders shipping to addresses in the United States and Canada. International Delivery Service costs are based only on shipping charges and will be deducted from the item(s). Do you ship within the contiguous US? Yes, we offer UPS Ground to most cities within the contiguous United States. Do you provide an address for my item(s)? We do not have a list of all items that are available for order. For all online orders, please email me when placing your order, and we can give you an approximate delivery location before your order ships.
What should I do with DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form) when it’s complete?
If you do not want to have a support form sent out to all registered customers, you can simply click “Cancel” and you will not receive a support form. You will simply be returned to the “Help” section of the registration form. Where can I get more contact information for this company or contact information for other dealers? You can download their full-text phone numbers on their website. Please let us know of any problems or errors you may have. Your contact information was important to us, so we want to make sure we are all up to date with their latest information. Can I get the information from the company? Yes. You can get the email addresses of each person (including the manager) for the company by searching on the internet. Can you help me find this dealer? No.
How do I get my DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form)?
Please follow this link: When will my receipt be sent? Every week. If you are not satisfied with the customer service, please write a detailed message of why by the appropriate deadline (e.g., on Friday) to: Polar Express, LLC PO Box 2520 Santa Clarita, CA 90740 Can I cancel this trip? This trip is scheduled to be taken in the Fall of 2013. Can I transfer my reservation? Unfortunately, Polar express cannot make transfers at this time. We will honor refunds for such a transfer, however the funds will be refunded as a cost of the flight rather than by the original payment method. Can I buy a gift certificate? Unfortunately, at this time we do not issue gift certificates. Can I check the status of my reservation? You can follow along with the status of your reservation here. How long is my trip to the Antarctic? The total time for a one way trip is approximately 6-7 days. You will depart to and from the polar station by car departing between September and October. We advise making a reservation 3 months ahead of time in order to allow ample time to acclimate on ice.
What documents do I need to attach to my DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form)?
To have your document sent to the Court, you MUST complete and submit this form. For more information, please visit the Electronic Forms in the Federal Courts System — DA 67-9-1 (Or Support Form). What documents does the Court accept as proof of a marriage? You MUST include a Certificate of Common-Law Marriage. The Certificate must contain the following: Name of the married couple; Date and place of marriage; Place where the Certificate of Common-law Marriage was issued; Date of the marriage; and Name of the person who signed the Certificate. For the Certificate of Common-law Marriage to be effective, it must be witnessed by someone who is at least 18 years of age who can legally consent to the marriage and who can be shown as the witness on the Certificate of Common-law Marriage. If you have married in a common law state that does not recognize these same-sex marriages, the marriage will be invalid. What type of documentation does the Court accept as proof of a common law marriage? A Certificate of Common-law Marriage must contain the following items. Signatures of all witnesses; Name or name of the person who signed the Certificate of Common-law Marriage. An Affidavit of Witness, signed by each party to the marriage declaring that he or she was a person legally competent to be a witness for the parties; Proof that the parties knew each other on the date and place stated in the Certificates and Affidavit; Proof the parties were in a common law relationship at the date and place specified; and Proof that one (1) of the parties and one (1) of the witnesses to the marriage were 18 YEARS OLD. If you have married in a common law state that does not recognize these same-sex marriages, the marriage will be invalid. Note: A Certificate of Common-law Marriage is NOT necessary to enter into a Legal Relationship in the Federal Courts System. A Certificate of Common-law Marriage is only required when participating in the Federal Courts System as a party to an action or proceeding, or when you are a witness in a proceeding in the Federal Courts System. For more information, please see Common-Law Decree and Legal Relationship. Please note: A Certificate of Common-law Marriage or Affidavit of Witness may not accompany the Certificate of the marriage.
What are the different types of DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form)?
DAA 67-9-1 (Or Support Form) allows you to request support from the Department for a variety of expenses (medical, personal or household costs, rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, property tax, child support, health care or insurance premiums, or other) that require a DA 67-9-0 (Declaration for Non-Profit Activities of the organization). As a non-profit organization, DA 67-9-0 (Declaration for non-profit activities) will identify the type of DA 67-9-1 (Or Support Form) support you need, which is needed for the particular type of DA 67-9-1 (Or Support Form) expenses. If the non-profit organization is paying for your expenses, the Organization is not required to file a DA 67-9-0 (Declaration for Non-Profit Activities of the Organization). What are the different types of DA 67-9-1 (Or Support Form)? DAA 67-9-1 (Or Support Form) can be used by a non-profit organization, as long as it does not pay for your expenses. But if the organization pays for your expenses and the DA 67-9-1 (Or Support Form) is used as payment, you do need to file a DA 67-9-0 (Declaration for Non-Profit Activities of the Organization) with the city clerk who signed on your behalf. For example, if the organization pays your rent, mortgage or utilities, you should file a DA 67-9-0. If your organization is not paying for your expenses, but you do need to file a DA 67-9-0, you can include it with the DA 67-9-0 for non-profit organizations only. For example, you may need to file a DA 67-9-0 because of a non-profit organization, and you have been paying it for a period of more than five (5) years. If this is the case, you must include the DA 67-9-0 with the DA 67-9-0 (Non-Profit Activity of the Organization) Form in addition to filing the DA 67-9-0. Can I file a DA 67-9-0 (Declaration for Non-Profit Activities of the Organization) for a current year? No. A DA 67-9-0 must be filed quarterly.
How many people fill out DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form) each year?
It's important to note that when you fill out this form, there is an option to request a copy of a birth certificate. Note that there should not be a difference between the birth certificate and supporting document to be mailed in if you used a certified document.
Is there a due date for DA 67-9-1 (Oer Support Form)?
As you may recall, DA 67-9-1 (or Support Form) was the support form that was received for the lawsuit against the Church of Scientology, the so-called “Church vs. Paulette Cooper.” It was the result document that was submitted in support of Paulette Cooper's appeal of that lawsuit. When the case was settled, not only was my case dismissed, but my name was deleted from any record of the court and was not acknowledged by the Church. The case was also dismissed from my court docket altogether. All records were then destroyed. As I wrote to the Supreme Court of Virginia on November 28, 2010: The Church, with the support of its attorney, and through counsel, sought to suppress and invalidate the contents of the support form itself, without further showing that I had engaged in any criminal or fraudulent act on its behalf, while in possession of it. The Supreme Court noted its concern about the lack of evidence that the “church obtained possession of the documents it sought to suppress” and that I had not been “charged with any acts, fraudulent or otherwise, or even suspected of doing any unlawful acts,” and “the court had no reason to conclude that any fraud or other criminal act was committed when Plaintiff received the support documents or when Church personnel in possession of the documents, who apparently made no attempt to retain them, began deleting and destroying them.” In its response to my motion for “Order to Show Cause (for further discovery) regarding whether there is a due date for DA 67-9-1 (Support Form) on which support should be produced,” the Church responded by noting that it believed its attorney submitted the document to support my appeal as required by Virginia Code §§ 19.2-6360(E)(3) and 19.2-6430(E). The church asserted that the original support form was destroyed because it was “unable to retain them” because of time, and in violation of that Code section, the only document it possessed was the version submitted by its attorney. The Church argued that “it was appropriate for the court at the time to order the preservation of materials in the event of a hearing and the court concluded that the document was destroyed because it was no longer necessary.” Since my original case was dismissed, the court found, no such hearing has been held, and the Supreme Court of Virginia has therefore not determined whether the support form was filed with the court.
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