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Da pam 623 3 3 4 Form: What You Should Know

Please note DA PAM 623-3 and any other form are for general guidance only and should not be interpreted as legal advice. It was compiled from the best knowledge of the Department of the Army. Review of the official Army publications and instructions for evaluating noncommissioned officers. The following guidance is given by the Army for non-commissioned officers completing each evaluation report: 1. Requests for clarification. An individual request for clarification of a portion of a report can be submitted via e-mail at. 2. Evaluation Reports — The information required to evaluate each officer must be completed on this form for evaluation by a noncommissioned officer. 3. Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report — This form is used to: a. Complete the name of the officer in the evaluation report and submit it to an officer performance office or a noncommissioned officer's unit's headquarters. b. Complete the name and grade of the superior officer. c. Indicate that the officer is to be evaluated. d. Indicate the officer unit was called upon to perform the evaluation. The evaluation report should include the following information: the officer's name, rank, serial number, year in service, unit number and branch and grade, the total amount of time for which the noncommissioned officer or its unit was responsible for performing the evaluation, the evaluations or tests performed, and the reason(s) for the evaluation. The final evaluation report should also include the name and reason(s) given that the evaluation was done. Please note that only the name, grade, serial number, and year in service may be indicated on the evaluation report. e. Submit the completed form to the evaluation review center. 4. Form 700-D — The noncommissioned officer will complete Form 700-D on a separate page (separate form) by following the instructions on the form. 5. Evaluation Reports — The evaluation report form will be completed on a computer which is connected to the Army's evaluation review center and to the service branch headquarters. You can obtain a copy of the evaluation report form and other form 700-D forms from the evaluation center. To submit the evaluation report form electronically, visit the following Websites (in alphabetical order): Army.

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FAQ - Da pam 623 3 3 4

How do I crack UPSC CSE in the first attempt while being under any circumstances?
I will share my story and the strategy that I followed to clear the coveted Civil Services Exam in the first attempt.First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself. Civil services was never childhood dream. I did not start preparing from my school days and if anyone tells you that you need to start preparing from 8th standard, it is a myth and do not take them at face value.I did my B.Tech from College of Engineering, Trivandrum in Kerala. After graduating in 2023 I was working with ITC Limited, as a mechanical engineer. It was during my stint at ITC that I decided to prepare. So, I put in my papers in the June of 2023 and started preparing from July 2016.Term of preparation:- I started my preps from July 2023 and wrote Prelims in June 2023. So that is a total of 11 months of focused preparation before appearing for CSE 2017.So let me now come to the topic of how to crack civil services in the first attempt.These are some prerequisites that anyone should have before starting their preparation.Unflinching self belief:- No one in the world is going to believe in you and your capabilities. And every tom, dick and harry will not miss any oppertunity to question your abilities and to blame you for every decision. So you of all people should believe in you, without that kind of confidence in yourself, seeing through this exam would become a Herculian task.Having an original plan/strategy:- Before I started my preparation for civil services, I had gone through strategies of many toppers. What I found out was that no two people had cleared this exam with the same strategy, but the common factor that runs through all those toppers were that they had their own strategies. Now that is rule number one. Do not blindly follow the strategy shown to you by a coaching institute or any topper, you need to have your own plan which magnifies your strong points and diminishes your weaknesses.Be tougher than the exam:- The civil services exam is dubiously dubbed as the toughest exam in the world. So to master the exam you need to tougher than it. You need to be prepared to face failures and get up and fight back stronger.Know your syllabus:- The most common mistake that most aspirants make is that they fail to go through the syllabus for the exam. Knowing what the syllabus demands and not demands is absolutely necessary fpr clearing this exam. Only then will we be able to target our efforts for quick results. Merely pouring through volumes and volumes of history and geography is not what the exam demands. there is a very highly defined syllabus and our effort should be to cover as much of the syllabus with as much clarity as possible.It is breadth that matters and not depth:- The Civil Services Exam is an examination to recruit generalist bureaucrats who would be able to handle any department under the government. The exam, therefore, demands the exact same thing, your vastness and breadth of understanding matters and not depth of understanding in any subject. A common mistake that I have seen aspirants make is that they try to cover a subject from cover to cover and in the end amassing as much knowledge in the subject as a PhD holder in that subject would have. Whereas the exam demands a mere fraction of that knowledge.Should one attend a coaching class to clear Civil Service Exam?This is perhaps the first decision any civil service aspirant will have to make before starting your preparation. Now this is highly subjective. Given the huge amount of online content that is available now-a-days it is perfectly possible to clear the CSE without joining any coaching institute.But I had enrolled at a coaching centre in Kerala. I did so because, at the start of my preparation I had absolutely no idea about the exam or how to prepare for the same. So for me some amount of guidance and handholding was necessary for me.Now I should add a word of caution here. Even if a candidate decides to join some coaching class there is only so much classes can do (at best say 20u201330% of the work might get done in a classroom), it will entirely depend on how much effort that you put in that will decide your result.What books should I read?This is again a very subjective topic and there is not a single comprehensive book list that will help you clear this exam.NCERT Text books of history, geography, economics and polity from class Vi to XII are a must read in my opinion. Reading these books will help you cover and basics and create a strong foundation which you can supplement with your further reading. Personally almost 60% of my knowledge base for the static subjects come from NCERT text books.Below is a list of books that I followed for my preparation.The key here is to select the books you are comfortable with and to stick with them. Reading all the material that comes out daily is both impractical and unfruitful. Reading the same texts multiple times will be much more beneficial.How important is newspaper reading?Newspapers are vital for any preparation strategy. I used to spend atleast 2u20133 hours daily reading the newspaper. It helps one cement the concepts and helps you evolve opinions and will help you analyse a given situation from multiple perspectives. This will come in handy especially during mains and interview stages.I used to prepare notes from The Hindu daily on the evernote app. This helped me stay organised. During the last 2 months of prelims preparation, I further reduced my one year worth of newspaper notes into crisp notes that filled one 100 page notebook. I read this condensed version multiple times and was the major source for current affairs preparation for prelims as well as mains.How important is mock exams?Mocks tests are very very very very very important in all the three stages of the exam. I cannot stress the importance of mock tests any more.For Prelims, giving lot of mock tests will help you refine your strategy to maximise your scoring. For some answering only those questions which they are absolutely sure of will do the trick. Whereas for someone else (like me) maximizing the number of attempts may help clear the cut off. And there is only one way to find out the strategy that will work for you, do umpteen number of mock exams.Perhaps, mock tests for mains are the most important. In mains it is not how much you know that matters, but how well you can articulate the things that you know in the limited time that is available. Mains answer writing is a skill, which can be mastered only with practice.Choosing the right optional subjectThe optional paper can make or break your career. So be very careful in choosing your optional. Your criteria while choosing the optional should beDo you like the subject, enough to spend thousands of hours pouring over it.Is there good guidance available for the subject. Especially are there good mock tests with good feedback available for the chosen subject.Also check the trend of past few years and check the scoring trend. However this should be the last consideration and the primary consideration should be for your passion for the subject.Pacing your preparation:-It is of utmost importance to rightly pace your preparation so that you never run out of steam. One must start slowly, but steadily build up momentum so that he/she can give the final push close to the examination.But the most important aspect to clearing this exam is to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. One must thoroughly enjoy the preparation phase to be able to bear with the stress that this exam puts on an aspirant. Take it one day at a time, enjoying the learning process and you are sure to succeed.All the very best!!
It takes 2 3/4 gallons of water to fill up 3 1/3 containers. How much water would it take to 4 containers?
I am sure you mean water and not heater,This is a proportion problem, which means that two ratios must be equal. Two ratios are equal if the products of means and extremes are equal. A fancy way of saying that two fractions must be equal.The ratio is gallons : containers.2 3/4 : 3 1/3 = x : 411/4 : 10/3 = x : 4(11/4) (4) = (10/3) xx = 11 / (10/3) = (11) (3/10) = 33/10 = 3 3/10 gallons
How can I fill out the space around a 4:3 video for a 16:9 video player (e.g Youtube) with blurred out dynamic content?
I would use After Effects or Premier pro.Take your 4:3 clip and add it to a sequence that has the same settings for everything except the aspect ratio, which should be set to 16:9. If the clip interpretation settings are correct when you add it to the sequence it should sit in the middle of the frame with black on either side.Create a second video layer and duplicate the clip into the new layer, making sure you don't shift the timing of the clip.Open the scaling settings for the lower clip. This will be in the transform controls. Uncheck the 'constrain aspect' option, so you can scale the width separately from the height. Scale the x value until the clip is stretched to the edge of the 16:9 frame.You should now have a streched version of your clip undeneath the original version of your clip.Add the blur effect to the stretched layer and adjust it to taste.This should only take a few seconds to setup once you are familair with the process. I'm sure there are automated solutions out there too but this is how I would do it.
How can you increase your height?
How can you increase your height?Is there anyone to debate me on height increase?I grew 2 and a half inches after 26 years of age. Now I'm a little over 30 years old. When I was in my early teen years I had reckoned that my father ain't tall neither my mom and so I will be. Everyone in my family is under 5 ft. My great grandpa was 6.6 ft. When I was in my early 20s I had given up all the hopes to increase my height. I had ultimately accepted that I can't grow even if I pay millions of dollar. I read Motivational books and follow popular motivational personalities which had me inspired to work my ass off to get anything in life.Believe me, your height can increase you need to work on yourself . Get your butt up and start working.What worked for me was growing taller ebook. But due to my ignorance and my whole life desperation to grow taller I did way too much in the beginning. Because in this book, you will learn how you should exercise. How to eat properly and also how to sleep properly and many more things.I was depressed since I was 13 years old, because of my height. So when I have finally bought this ebook, I did everything that you should do to increase your height. But what I did terribly wrong was, that I did everything 3 times as much as I was supposed to do. I quickly burned out and had lower back pain.Thank god, that my mom is cool and smart. Because she was able to talk to me, to take at least a week off. After that I have felt great and I also saw that my height truly increased, even though the increase was truly small.Anyway, to make this long story short. I have continued with the regime, that was explained in the ebook. I did this for 18 months straight. After that, I was only following the dieting part and also holding my posture properly and of course the proper sleeping positions. And my height did not decrease at all. The 2 and a half inches I have gained I also was able to remain till this day. And it has been quite a few years since I have started with all of this and also since I grow those 2,5 inches.With that being said, please if your height is bothering you. Get up and start working on it! You can change it as I did. And also if you decide to try out the program, don't overdo anything or at least in the beginning :)There are also many other examples who did this successfully:Also here is a great read about growing taller[1]:)Footnotes[1] Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review From My Own Experience
If you had only 4 days in Amsterdam, what would your itinerary be?
To some extent, this depends on what time of year it is, because thereu2019s definitely a seasonality to tourism around Amsterdam. Hereu2019s my best recommendations that will work most of the year.A few notes about this itinerary: 1) Iu2019m assuming you have full mobility and can walk at least some distance. Iu2019m really, really sorry about this, but Amsterdam is an utterly abysmal city for accessibility and I canu2019t do an accessible itinerary off the top of my head. Note that you can take trams and taxis are available but expensive, which cuts down on walking a bit, but youu2019re still going to be hoofing it. 2) I also donu2019t smoke so I canu2019t give coffeehouse recommendations etc. Iu2019m sure thereu2019s Internet guides to this sort of thing. 3) Iu2019m also boring af, so nightlife is your choice. Remember Heineken is just as terrible in Amsterdam as it is where you come from, though.Day 1: Museums! Amsterdam has a wealth of them to suit every taste, so pick your favourites instead of following mine.The Rijksmuseum [1], the Van Gogh Museum [2] and the Stedelijk Museum [3] are great for lovers of classical and modern art .If youu2019re travelling with kids, check out the Nemo Science Museum [4]or the Allard Pierson Museum (archeology) [5].If youu2019re not travelling with kids, check out some of Amsterdamu2019s quirkier adult offerings, like the Venustempel Sex Museum [6] or the Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum [7].If youu2019re a fashion nerd, the Museum of Bags and Purses [8] is a surprisingly entertaining way to spend an hour.Of course, there are also the more serious (and sobering) museums of history, like the Anne Frank House [9] and the Museum Our Lord in the Attic [10].Today, you should eat at the cafes that surround the museums. Take your pick, but be cautious to make sure you get what you actually want. An eetcafu00e9 will serve you food and drink, while a cafu00e9 is usually akin to a bar. A koffiehuis is where you get coffee, and a coffeeshop is where you get marijuana (to smoke on premises).Day 2: Exploring Amsterdamu2019s architecture and sights.Start the morning with a trip to the floating Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market) [11] and if you like, a cheeky mid-morning pancake snack at the Old Pancake House alongside it.Take an architectural walking tour to see some of Amsterdamu2019s wealth of really beautiful buildings, or self-guide it. (If you do this, donu2019t miss the Pathu00e9 Tuschinski [12]).If youu2019re interested in ethnobotany or herbal drugs, visit the Azerius Smartshop [13], a reliable source of unusual and entertaining botanicals. (Warning and note: Check the import rules for your home country before trying to bring anything back. Not all of what they sell is legal in other countries, and they are pretty good at knowing this but not perfect.)Depending on the day, you may also catch one of Amsterdamu2019s street markets [14], your best source for everything from vintage clothing to the bike you just had stolen.Walk around the Red Light District if you like (note: be polite and donu2019t gawk at the girls - and definitely donu2019t waste their time if youu2019re not planning to pay for it!)If itu2019s raining, take a canal boat tour and enjoy the city from a heated, sitting position.Today, branch out from the cafu00e9 food and try some of Amsterdamu2019s world cuisine. The city centre is absolutely covered in South American steakhouses (mostly Argentinean), which serve really delicious pieces of cow. Alternatively, thereu2019s Indonesian food, a remnant of the Netherlandsu2023 colonial past. I can recommend Kantjil & de Tijgre [15]. Try the rijsttafel (the u201crice tableu201d), a selection of sharing dishes intended for a group.Day 3: Get out of the city!In spring, head to the Keukenhof [16], a brilliant seasonal garden display.Any time of year, Madurodam [17] and its miniature cityscapes is entertaining, especially for kids and other short people.Thereu2019s a lot of other stuff to do out of the city, so look around and see what you want to do.Iu2019d suggest just eating where you are today. Try some Dutch home cooking specialities, like stamppot (their version of the cabbage-potatoes-sausages melange) or erwtensoup (a thick split pea soup).Day 4: You know thereu2019s something that you wanted to do that you didnu2019t get to. Go do it. You donu2019t need me to guide you anymore!Footnotes[1] Rijksmuseum u2023 The Museum of the Netherlands - in Amsterdam[2] Visit the museum about Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam - The Netherlands - Van Gogh Museum[3] Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam[4] https://www.nemosciencemuseum.nl...[5] Allard Pierson Museum[6] Venustempel Sex Museum[7] Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum[8] Museum of Bags and Purses. Herengracht, Amsterdam[9] Home[10] Museum Our Lord in the Attic, Amsterdam[11] Flower Market in Amsterdam[12] Tuschinski - Wikipedia[13] The Azarius smartshop in Amsterdam[14] Markets in Amsterdam[15] Indonesisch restaurant in Amsterdam[16] Home[17] Madurodam - A Miniature Park Worth Visiting
What areu00a0 the best ways to make the most out ofu00a0 to 3 nights/4 days in Amsterdam?
You realize how beautiful Amsterdam is, only once you come back home and rest your head on your old, familiar pillow! I have attached some of the photographs which will make you wanna stay there for more than just 4 days. It so happened that I was in Amsterdam on this New Year's eve and I had the time of my life. 4 days in Amsterdam is definitely not enough to see all of this beautiful city. Unfortunately, this was all the time I had but I made the most of it.I would have loved more time to explore the surrounds of the city as well as the many delights hidden in the dense network of the inner city (if you know what I mean. I will elaborate more soon).There is so much to see and take in that itu2019s hard to know where to start. If you enjoy wandering around museums then youu2019ll be pleased to know that are plenty in Amsterdam. The most popular amongst these are the Anne Frank and Van Gogh museums and you get an idea just how popular when you see the queues of people waiting to get in. Do visit the Cheese Musuem. It's lovely! Go to the Rijksmuseum and get a photograph clicked at the IAmsterdam.Heineken experience is recommended if you are a beer lover. It costs u20ac18. The tour is amazing. Included in the price is a drink at the end of the tour.Another activity that I highly recommend is going on one of the canal tours. This is a great way to see the city and learn a lot about the architecture of the buildings and why they are built the way they are.Now coming to the main one! Yup, De Wallen! The biggest Red Light District on the planet is another area of the city that you should check out, rather must, just to see what it is like! The locals call this place, The Rossebuurt. It is certainly weird walking down the streets, looking to your left or right and seeing very beautiful women waving at you from behind a window. Itu2019s unlike any other place where women, of all nationalities, parade their bodies in red-fringed window parlours, most of them ready to offer more than just a look. I visited De Wallen almost everyday just to wave back at these ladies.A peep show costs you just a couple of Euros. I am not going to say where I spent all the money. There are numerous sex museums in the city as well, which at u20ac4 are really cheap, so they are worth a look if just to pique your curiosity!If you wanna check out the beautiful Dutch ladies, Leidseplein square is the place. It's the heart of the night-life in Amsterdam. The place has got bars, nightclubs and cafes. I was here on Dec 31 when the countdown was happening.Iu2019ll be honest here, in Amsterdam they have these things called Coffee shops. Now theyu2019re not like the cafes back home where you order a muffin and sip on a latte. Instead your muffin is replaced by hash brownie or space cake and youu2019re inhaling a joint instead of a latte.u00a0 The effect of space cake usually takes around an hour before you are sure itu2019s hitting you, and usually about another hour before you are at the peak stage. The high will last around 4 hours total before you canu2019t really feel much of it anymore, so itu2019s important to plan well rather than just eating one impulsively. Since it was my first time, let me tell you what happens. You will get a general sense of well-being and relaxation. Music will sound much better than it ever has before. Good food will taste amazing. Youu2019ll make friends there itself and have conversations about aspects of subjects youu2019ve never really thought about before. Moreover, youu2019ll struggle to keep time in perspective. Amsterdam is the place for foodies too. I had the best waffles in town. Waffles, crepes with strawberries and cream and bacon and cheese, cupcakes and croissants, sasuages and frites (fries) with 20 different sauces. Anything you feel like is probably open at 2AM. No wonder I had to tuck my stomach into my jeans.This being the Netherlands, there are bikes everywhere! This is no exaggeration they are literally everywhere. So hiring a bike to explore this cycle-friendly city is another great way to see the city.The Amsterdam Centraal2. The Amstel Station3. Cheese Museum4. Old Amsterdam Cheese Store (OMG! So much cheese)5. Anne Frank's House6. IAmsterdam7. The Heineken tour8. De Wallen 9. Lost in Amsterdam CafeThe menu10. And the amazing wafflesand pizzas11. The 31st nightPerhaps one of the best things to do and this is probably the case in any city, is just to wander around and explore. In my experience, this is the best way to see a city and can lead to you discovering places that you didnu2019t realize were in the city. Getting lost and then asking the locals for directions in a language which they do not understand is one hell of an experience. The Dutch are super freindly.I must say IAmsterdam(ed). I wanna get lost in Amsterdam again. Ik houd van Amsterdam.
Can you add 5 odd numbers to get 30?
It is 7,9 + 9,1 + 1 + 3 + 9 = 30Wish you can find the 7,9 and 9,1 in the list of1,3,5,u00a0u00a0 7,9u00a0u00a0u00a0 ,11,13,151,3,5,7,u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0 9,1u00a0u00a0u00a0 1,13,15
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