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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 67-10-1 cadet officer evaluation report

Instructions and Help about 67-10-1 cadet officer evaluation report

I am play quartermaster sergeant Clara Dawson and I'm from County Dublin from the navin road itself and I'm in 19 years at the age of 12 and I pretty much decided to join the army I joined at the age of 17 and I began my career in Carrboro barracks in 1999 when the potential officer's course presented itself I couldn't miss the opportunity my first my first few motivations factors first was to act into the scene as a role model for my own daughter not just be a flake quartermaster and a wife and a daughter and a system as well hey my name is Luke Maloney and from Cork City I'm petty officer in the naval service the sixteen years service Donna me man I joined in the 16th of October 2022 coming from school ever into naval service every day was a new adventure at the time our new experience doesn't mean you could say that you've done today before me the highlight of my Siwan prayers I don't operation Pontus twelve weeks in the Mediterranean very humbling made you feel very human to see the headship other people are going through relays what you have a home my name is corporal Paul Murphy 3rd infantry battalion currently on the potential officer's course entity of TC I joined in June 2022 I didn't recruit training in 12th Italian Limerick I deployed overseas on 111th battalion to Lebanon in 2022 and it was a November trip and during that time the potential officers force was advertised it just reaffirmed everything that I believe that you know if you put yourself forward for these things and your majors have seen and given your best effort to apply for these things to you know just further yourself that you know chances will come in front it might not be the obvious ones might be ones that you saw a common bush you know this was a door that opened that I hadn't seen maybe two or three years ago but here was a functioning Music Music I'm up Music.


How do you solve: A tank in the shape of an inverted cone of height 10 feet and top diameter of 1.25 feet is filled with a fluid density 1 pound/ft^3. To the nearest foot-pound, how much work is required to pump all the liquid out of the tank?
You don't prenough data. You can find the volume and how much liquid there is, but in order to find work, you need to specify how far you move the liquid. For instance, if the pump is at the bottom of the cone, you wouldn't even need to turn it on for the cone to empty. If you put the pump at the top, it will have a bit of work to just pump the liquid out. If you put the pump 10 feet above the cone, it will have to work harder to get the liquid out.
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