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67-10-1 cadet officer evaluation report Form: What You Should Know

Each Soldier is required to complete the form at one of their first three Performance Evaluation Events (PE) within the Army. The form provides an opportunity for an individual to provide a description of his or her service record and, importantly, a detailed description of the Soldier's ability to perform his or her duties. The form also contains a rating of the individual's performance on selected tests. The completion of this form should be submitted with a separate Service Report form during the Soldier's first three PEs (see table 7-3 for a list of available PE's). The officer evaluation report support form should not be signed while off duty or with another person not in the Army until after completing an Officer's Initial Qualification Training or Basic Officer Skills Qualification. Form 67-10-1-A is not a requirement to receive a commission from the Army; however, if the Soldier is selected for a commission at his third event, the individual is required to complete this form for each subsequent evaluation event. The Soldier should receive a service report from his or her Commandant for each evaluation to which he or she was assigned, at each subsequent event in his or her course of service, unless he or she receives a letter or letterhead from the officer in which case the form should be completed for each evaluation (see table 7-3). The service report from his or her Commandant should, after completing the form, be submitted to the Assistant Secretary of the Army. At all relevant events in his or her officer career, the Soldier should submit the service report form and a letter from his or her commanding officer detailing the time that individual met or exceeded each of his or her performance objectives (and providing the Soldier's individual performance evaluation scores) to the Assistant Secretary in each grade for which the Soldier has been assigned. (See table 7-3 and table 7-5.) The officer evaluation report support form may be completed by the Soldier at any time after his or her initial performance evaluations. Additionally, this form allows Soldiers to provide additional information to his or her commanding officer for each Performance Evaluation Event that the Soldier is selected for. The document is available on this website for download. To complete Form 67-10-1A, the Soldier is required to enter his or her rank and branch name and address. Then the Soldier is required to complete the basic questions of the evaluation form.

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Instructions and Help about 67-10-1 cadet officer evaluation report

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